Friday, March 25, 2011

View of Las Sal Mountains from Snow Flats Road in SE Utah

This shot was taken from Snow Flats Road off of the 261 north of the Moki Dugway, which is just out of Mexican Hat, Utah. I would bet that you've never been here.  Jill and I love Utah and we have to blame our uncle, John Sanders, of Durango, Colorado.  Uncle John knows Southern Utah and the 4 Corners in general, better than any white man alive.  You can see the Comb Ridge on the upper right.  We took the Comb Ridge road to Hwy 95 and then on to Natural Bridges NM(see the arch in earlier post).  There were many cave dwellings we explored on this 4 wheel drive route and the BLM campgrounds were great.
65mm f/18 1/100 ISO 400

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