Monday, May 30, 2011

Dusk on the Carrizo Plain, May 2011, Color Version

We arrived around 5:30PM on a Friday evening, in time for a beautiful sunset.  Though there were no clouds, the place glowed.  The Carrizo Plain is one of our favorite camping areas.  There are rarely any people, much less campers, and you can take off on any of hundreds of dirt roads and find primitive, secluded campsites.  In fact, we did not see one other vehicle, other than a couple campers in the KCL campground, on Soda Lake Road.  We stayed in the same spot that my buddies Tim and Rob visited with me last year during the height of the flower season.  I posted a couple of songs - they're both great musicians - they played together on my You Tube site, MrMPeeps.  Check it out sometime.
100mm f/9.0 ISO 100 1/15 second

Dusk on the Carrizo Plain, May 2011, B&W Version

Here's a B&W version of the same beautiful sunset scene on the Carrizo Plain late in May, 2011.  The weather was shockingly cool, but unsurprisingly windy!
100mm f/9.0 ISO 100 1/15 second

Horned Lizard on the Carrizo Plain, May 2011

Jill spotted this horned lizard while we hiking above the Carrizo Plain.  She always thinks of the scene in "O Brother Where Art Thou?" whenever "horny toad" is mentioned.  We always laugh about it, everytime! This portrait was taken with my new travel lens, a prime Canon EF 28mm f/2.8.  It's small and light and does a decent job.
28mm f/7.1 ISO 100 1/250 second

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grandparents Babysit Lily in April

Lily is really growing up fast.  Hopefully, she had as good a time with her grandparents as we did with her.  She's getting so big that she feeds herself...and her bib...and her face...and her hands..and the table...and the floor.  No malnutrition here.
46mm F/4 1/60 second ISO 400