Saturday, October 6, 2012

Summer Highlights and Central California Coast

It's been quite a while since I updated this blog and I'm sure it matters not. Since I was a freakin' lobbyist in DC last May, the poorest paid lobbyist in history since I'm a teacher with a Masters degree, I've managed to make it to the Lost Coast's Siskyone State Beach in Northern California, the redwood country in between and up to the Trinity River, the Grand Canyon (again and again), Durango, Colorado, and back home to the incredible Central Coast of California.  Jill flew out to Durango shortly after my arrival.  Then Kathleen and Ernest came out to visit and stay at the cabin.  Not only that, but Kathy, Martin, and Nick journeyed from Germany to visit us in August.  It was fantastic to see them after our rendezvous in Malta last year.  Thanks to Martin's advice, I invested in Nik software and some of the below are examples.  You'll have to guess which...
Not necessarily in any order, the La Plata River near Uncle John's cabin in the La Platas, the Magestros, and let's see what I manage to put in next... Oh yeah, the Grand Canyon.  So I visited the GC both on my way to (dry) and back from (wet) Durango this summer, and what an amazing contrast in light, visibility, and colors in 30 some days.  It rained every day I was in SW Colorado, from the day I arrived until I the day I left, and they should thank me after the terrible fires early in the summer. It went from serious to soaked.  All that water flowed southwest to the Colorado River and it was a big, muddy flow in the GC on my way home in August.  However, before that, Jill and I 4 Wheeled to this sweet spot above Hotel Draw in the San Juans after our visit to the Alta Lakes near Telluride.  Thanks Laura for the advice.  Nice view eh?


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