Friday, November 2, 2012

McLean Jewelry Photoshoot, Cayucos, California, Summer 2012

Tim and I spent several hours in June taking photos of his beautiful jewelry for his new website.  If you are interested in his work, please feel free to scoot over to his site at: to view and purchase his wares. Tim is a very talented person and I'm happy to be friends with him.  Not only is his jewelry exquisite, but he's an incredible musician and songwriter too.  See The Noodles. I personally would listen to him sing and play his guitar all day long and prefer that side of his right brain.  But, my wife loves her black pearl ear rings and necklace too.  All of these shots were taken with the Canon 100mmL f/2.8 macro, one more time, my favorite lens, no matter what Ken Rockwell says!


And the maestro...I know, he probably won't "like" this photo, but it tells it all...

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