Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksmas 2012

We had the best time at Thanksgiving.  Since Jill and I will go to Florida this Christmas, we hosted a Thanksmas.  Chris, Amy, Ben & Helen ventured far from Columbia, Missouri, endured LAX to and fro, checked in on Aunt Dee, and paid us an unforgettable holiday visit.  They also invaded Disneyland for two days, cruised Laguna Beach, before beating the big storm out of California.  Matt, Rebecca, Lily & Sophie (don't forget Django, PWD) traveled south from the Bay Area and we all convened in Atascadero for a family celebration royale.  Jill, as usual, really did it up with her delicious cuisine, decorations, presents, and of course, love that is boundless and timeless.  Here are some of the stars...
Helen as Cinderella and Lily as Belle from Beauty and The Beast

Beautiful Helen
Sweet Lily


Ben and Django, Thanksmas 2012 
I'd say something about how handsome and smart Ben is, but I wouldn't want to embarrass him.
All the above EF 24-70mm L