Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alaska! Summer 2013

Jill and I accepted Ernest and Kathleen's invitation to join them on their Alaska Marine Highway System adventure last July.  We celebrated Kathleen's 60th birthday and all of us were quite the active seniors.  E&K drove their well-stocked Sportsmobile to Seattle, Washington and picked us up at SeaTac.  We added our camping gear to the 4x4 van and hopped on the ferry at Bellingham.  Two nights and many whale, orca, and dolphin sightings later, we were docking in Ketchikan.  We drove off the ferry and camped several nights in the Ketchikan area, then got back on the ferry and did the same thing in Wrangell, and finally Petersburg. We had great camp sites, exciting tours, fantastic food and drink, and many hours of light to enjoy it all. It was a great adventure indeed, as you'll see below. I hope you enjoy the photos...

 Agile Black Bear
       Approaching Shakes Lake  
         Mama Grizzly & Cub
     Beautiful Inside Passage Sunset
    Smooth Landing
    Blue Ice & LeConte Glacier
    Forlorn Bear After Dropping Fish
    Young Grizzly Enjoying the Bounty
    The Sweetest Campsite Ever near Wrangell
   Angular Iceberg
    Nature Produces Some Beauties
   Swiss Cheese Iceberg
    Juvenile Bald Eagle
    Inside Passage
    Disrespectful Youth
     Early Morning Arrival in Ketchikan
    LeConte Glacier
    Momma Griz & Her Cubs
    Summertime and the Livin' is Easy
    Glacier at the End of Shakes Lake
    Hanging Out
     Stuffed Old Black Bear
     View from Petersburg at Dusk
 If you made it this far, to the end of someone else's vacation photos, thanks! You can see I did not take the time and effort to tell you every camera setting and focal length this time.  I haven't posted in quite a while, so I am happy just to  get these up and share with you.  If you want to see a great video of a bear feeding on salmon at the Anan Bear Observatory outside of Wrangell, please go to my YouTube site: