Monday, April 16, 2012

Camping in Hueso Wash, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, April 2012

Here is an example of one of our "campsites" in Anza Borrego last week.  From this site, we could see the ridge above Arroyo Tapiado.  This is the Badlands area where a missing hiker, Guillermo Pino, Jr's search and rescue was focused.  We could see a searcher on the ridge for a short amount of time before dusk. 
24mm, f/11, 1/100th second, ISO 400

Below is a shot of the ridge and searcher, as well as a wider view of the Hueso Wash area.

Above: 400mm, f/8.0, 1/1000th, ISO 400, -1.0 step

Below:  70mm, f/16, 1/20th, ISO 100

Ocotillo Flower, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, April 2012

Jill and I spent several days exploring Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California in our
4-Wheel Camper and 4X4 Tundra.  It is our favorite recreational activity now that knee surgeries and foot aches prevent extended backpacking trips.  We've learned to loathe campgrounds, RV's, and crowds, but have the tools to do something about it and have for years now!
We arrived in the park on Friday the 6th and spent a couple nights near Dos Cabezas spring.  On Sunday, we took the popular 4-wheel drive road, Canyon sin Nombre, into the Carrizo Badlands area.  That night we noticed helicopters circling the rugged area over Arroyo Tapiado and the slot canyon country.  The next morning, while camping near the Diablo Dropoff, a park ranger gave us the information that there was a large search and rescue operation for a missing 26 year-old male hiker.  The missing man from San Diego went off on his own, apparently without shoes, water, food, or any other item a properly prepared hiker in the desert should have.  Unfortunately, as of this posting, he is still missing.
It has not been a good flower year in California, especially compared to last year, but the Ocotillos appeared to be very healthy and happy in the thirsty Southern California desert.  This was taken with my favorite lens, the 100mmL Macro.
100mm, f/10, 1/250 second, ISO 100