Monday, January 22, 2018

Ramble on the Island, Melia Braco Resort, Trelawney/Rio Bueno Jamaica 2018

   Jill and I had the incredible opportunity to go to our first all inclusive rock and roll show in Jamaica on January 10th -16th.  I was johnny-on-the-spot when tickets went on sale and managed to grab a room at Melia Braco.  This is the 16th time Little Feat has headlined this event and they were joined by legendary singer-songwriter, Jackson Browne, and the incredibly talented Midnight Ramble Band out of Woodstock, NY.  The Midnight Ramble Band was a creation of the late, great drummer for The Band, Levon Helm.  His daughter, Amy Helm, is a great vocalist with the band.
   Since both Jill and I are retired now, this event may occupy a permanent place on our calendar, especially now that we are "insiders" and will get to buy tickets during the pre-sale period each year.