Monday, August 5, 2019

Lake Mead Off Road Camping

We escaped Colorado and Utah storms after Geoff and Megan's spectacular wedding last May.  Drove hours in windy, springtime conditions across Arizona and made an Interstate Dash to Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Its known mostly for its aquatic adventures and proximity to Las Vegas, but the off road camping in gorgeous, isolated desert climes is fantastic.  Fun 4X4 crossings of wide, shallow streams, angled approaches to camouflaged desert roads, and narrow, winding, rock strewn canyons made the journey equal to the destination. This trip was the first test of our modified, swing out hitch cargo carrier system.  It was a bit flaky at high freeway speeds in the wind, but, more importantly, was great on the dirt roads; solid stability and effective departure angle. No problems 4 wheeling!


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